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Working with Trauma & PTSD:
A Massage Perspective

Taught by Michelle Burns, BSN, BSAltMed, LMT, MTI

Michelle Burns is approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (NCBTMB) as a continuing education Approved Provider.

Course approved by NCBTMB.

PTSD is the abbreviation for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It is a psychiatric disorder that can occur following the experience or witnessing of a life-threatening event. About 10 percent of women and 5 percent of men will experience PTSD in their lifetime with about 1 in 30 adults in the United States suffering from the disorder at any given time and about 8 percent of Americans will be diagnosed in their lifetime.

This one day class provides a basic understanding of PTSD, trauma and its effects. While exploring signs and symptoms or PTSD and trauma, the characteristics of the 3 classes of PTSD, and the different ways PTSD and trauma can manifest during a session, we will learn how massage therapy can positively impact clients suffering from these conditions.

What You Will Learn:

  • The definition of PTSD and acute trauma
  • The 3 classes of PTSD and the symptoms
  • What are common traditional treatments for PTSD
  • What are common alternative treatments for PTSD
  • Review of research evidence for massage for those with PTSD
  • What to do if your client has a crisis
  • The three stages of a massage treatment plan
  • Hands-on practice of light touch techniques

Michelle Burns has been a massage therapist since 1992 and has focused her practice on working with medically compromised clients. Prior to becoming a massage therapist, she worked as a registered nurse and later, as a health recovery specialist. Michelle has studied with numerous well known therapists as well as body physiology specialists to provide her the tools to make a difference. She has been teaching for over 10 years and her classes are full of information and opportunities to explore. She currently has a massage and health recovery consulting business in Austin.

Course fee is $125     6 Hours